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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide safe and quality childcare for our community.  We believe that all races are God's children and that is why our daycare is called, "International Tots Daycare Center, LLC".

Starting our day with prayer for God's blessings and protection over your children is very important.  We live in a stressful world and our little ones need to feel nurtured while they are being cared for. 

We offer childcare for infants- 4 years old and pre-school curriculum for our 3-4 year olds.  

Health & Safety

At International Tots Daycare Center, we are firm in the belief of healthy practices. Hand washing is one of the best ways to cut down on the transmission of germs. Caregivers in the classrooms follow proper hand washing techniques throughout the day – including but not limited to: before and after eating or handling food; before and after feeding a child; before and after diapering; after handling or cleaning body fluids - after wiping noses, mouths, bottoms, sores; after outdoor activities; upon entering the classroom.


Children as well engage in many hand washings throughout the day.  Toys that have been mouthed in the Infant and Toddler classrooms are disinfected every day throughout the day. Caregivers often will place a toy into a container after a child has mouthed it to be cleaned in the next batch. At the end of the day, other equipment and materials will be cleaned as well. The diaper changing area is disinfected after each use. A bleach solution is used for general disinfecting.   

We believe that a healthy and clean center is what your child deserves. 

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